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News that Deserves to be Shared

Part three in a three-part interview series with Paul Copan. Some of the “ground clearing” tactics often required today before the Gospel can be presented may be defending the right to speak at all. Paul Copan answers some objections often raised by those outside the Christian faith.

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Worldviews: What They Are and Why They Matter
(Part 1)

What exactly do we mean when we use the term worldview? To a degree that depends on who is speaking (just as what is understood depends on who is listening). Worldviews are like navels. We all have one, but we don’t often think about it. There is no shortage of talk or books these days about “worldviews”…

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How Jazz Can Shape Apologetics

Just as jazz musicians, apologists need to “know their charts” by having spent much “time in the woodshed.” They need master the standard apologetic arguments on the nature of truth and faith, the arguments for God’s existence, the reliability of the Bible, the deity and resurrection of Christ, the case against rival worldviews and much more.

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“The Laws of Nature” – C. S. Lewis

“…in the whole history of the universe the laws of Nature have never produced a single event. They are the pattern to which every event must conform, provided only that it can be induced to happen.”

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Starting Right Where I Am

The first in a three-part interview with Paul Copan, professor of philosophy and ethics at Palm Beach Atlantic University, and author of numerous books on the Christian faith.