How Jazz Can Shape Apologetics

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4 Responses

  1. Christian says:

    Thank you Dr.Groothuis for this very inforrmative article.

  2. I loved this statement: “he did not say not to study, but not to worry”.
    Even a small bit of worry can kill a great jazz solo. Worry can be a real stumbling block to the crowd and can appear as foolishness to the rest of the band. Charlie Parker used to practice tunes in every key because he was once embarrassed on the band stand when someone called a tune he knew quite well, but only in one key.

  3. Mark says:

    Good article, but it would have been nice if you hadn’t taken the potshot at smooth jazz. I follow a lot of smooth jazz sax players that hold their own–and then some–with “traditional” jazz players. (And Kenny G doesn’t count as any kind of jazz, smooth or otherwise!)

  4. This needs more development. What about keys, time signatures, standards, improvisation on the tune, instrumentation, arrangementa, ensemble play, etc? This isn’t a criticism, just a request for an encore. Lord to play with and to hear.

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