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Pensées – Blaise Pascal

“When we want to correct someone usefully and show him he is wrong, we must see from what point of view he is approaching the matter, for it is usually right from that point of view, and we must admit this, but show him that point of view from which it is wrong. This will please him, because he will see that he was not wrong but merely failed to see every aspect of the question.”

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“The Laws of Nature” – C. S. Lewis

“…in the whole history of the universe the laws of Nature have never produced a single event. They are the pattern to which every event must conform, provided only that it can be induced to happen.”

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The God Who is True – J. I. Packer

J. I. Packer, from Knowing God: Truth in the Bible is a quality of persons primarily, and of propositions only secondarily. It means stability, reliability, firmness, trustworthiness, the quality of a person who is...