Author: Marilyn Stewart

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‘Finding Truth’ and unmasking God Substitutes

The mantra “Don’t Think, Just Believe” isn’t limited to the church, as critics often contend. So writes Nancy Pearcey as she unfolds how to critique any worldview in her latest book Finding Truth: 5 Principles for Unmasking Atheism, Secularism, and other God Substitutes.

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Finding insight in Alister McGrath’s Mere Apologetics

Are the New Atheists correct when they insist there is no “proof” for God?” In Mere Apologetics: How to Help Seekers and Skeptics Find Faith, theologian and scientist Alister E. McGrath addresses this challenge as he lays out an A to Z pathway for becoming a skilled apologist for the Christian faith.

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Mormon No More – with James K. Walker

How a former 4th generation Mormon became an asset for God’s kingdom. James Walker’s journey out of Mormonism to a biblical faith in Christ led through a “no-man’s land” where untangling truth from a lifetime of Mormon teaching wasn’t easy.

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To Go or Not to Go (to the movies) — David Calhoun

When it comes to Hollywood movies that falter on biblical themes, is that really the question? With the recent box office openings of Noah, God’s Not Dead, and The Son of God, Christians should feel gratified. Right? But a quick check of the social media chatter shows the movies have generated some angst among the faithful.

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News that Deserves to be Shared

Part three in a three-part interview series with Paul Copan. Some of the “ground clearing” tactics often required today before the Gospel can be presented may be defending the right to speak at all. Paul Copan answers some objections often raised by those outside the Christian faith.