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Much Ado about Nothing

Jim Holt’s new book Why Does the World Exist? begins with the prologue, “Suppose there were nothing. Then there would be no laws; for laws, after all, are something. If there were no laws, then everything would be permitted. If everything were permitted, then nothing would be forbidden. So if there were nothing, nothing would be forbidden. Thus nothing is self-forbidding. Therefore, there must be something. QED.” I will focus on this brief statement…

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Alvin Plantinga was recently interviewed for an article that appeared in the New York Times on the question, “Is Atheism Irrational?” The following is some material by Copan to make the point in defending the plausibility of belief in God.

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To Go or Not to Go (to the movies) — David Calhoun

When it comes to Hollywood movies that falter on biblical themes, is that really the question? With the recent box office openings of Noah, God’s Not Dead, and The Son of God, Christians should feel gratified. Right? But a quick check of the social media chatter shows the movies have generated some angst among the faithful.

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News that Deserves to be Shared

Part three in a three-part interview series with Paul Copan. Some of the “ground clearing” tactics often required today before the Gospel can be presented may be defending the right to speak at all. Paul Copan answers some objections often raised by those outside the Christian faith.

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Worldviews: What They Are and Why They Matter
(Part 1)

What exactly do we mean when we use the term worldview? To a degree that depends on who is speaking (just as what is understood depends on who is listening). Worldviews are like navels. We all have one, but we don’t often think about it. There is no shortage of talk or books these days about “worldviews”…